Airdrop 4 signup is now closed!

huge thanks to everyone who participated in airdrop 4 and aided in the massive growth we received over this period of time. 

the updated spreadsheet for airdrop 4 will be released within a few days and distribution will follow. 

Important Message

We have acquired a large number of fraudulent applicants through our Airdrop 4. To fix this issue, we have posted a KYC form. Please follow the directions on this form to confirm your eligibility for Airdrop 4. Cheers!

Airdrop 4

Our goal for this airdrop is quite simple; get TRDT into the hands of as many individuals as possible. We will work extremely hard, day and night, on promotion during this time to include as many entrants as possible and further create the largest community of crypto enthusiasts as possible that will then have the means to engage in the Trident Group product upon its release! As of now, each entrant will receive 40 TRDT, and there will not be a TRDT prerequisite to join. Referring a friend will grant an extra 10 TRDT.

The only requirements for entry are as follows:

1. You must be a member of our Telegram group:

2. You must sign up for our weekly newsletter: or within Airdrop 4 Signup form

3. You must follow our Twitter, , and retweet our Airdrop 4 Tweet.

Spread the word! #TRIDENT