Trident Group: Going Forward // Weekly Updates — Project Development, Promotions and On-Going Distribution

Dear Trident family,

Welcome to our new weekly newsletter that will include detailed development updates, weekly bounties, and news regarding upcoming promotions and events every Sunday. Don’t miss this week’s bounty contest at the end of this post.

First and foremost, the Trident Group Whitepaper is undergoing its last phase of finishing touches by the core team; expect a release date early this coming week…

We have recently finalized the core development team, and now have fourstrong developers working on different areas within the Trident Group project. These areas include, but are not limited to, development of our mobile app user interface, the coding of our mobile app, a Blockchain payment platform, and a peer-to-peer social media-esque system. Updates regarding progress within these areas will be released in the upcoming weeks.

Product details will be released systematically as the weeks progress, and as of now, things will be kept fairly under wraps until the development team green lights initial alpha // beta testing. However, do expect an initial UI release sometime soon that will spotlight the initial product model and allow the team to receive feedback and/or criticism prior to finalization of the product itself.

To infinity, and beyond! As many of you are already aware, we are approaching various milestones within the project, and as such, the team will be actively pursuing means of increasing Tridents overall scope of influence. To do so, our initial plan is to find Trident a new home on a large, active exchange. A poll is currently active upon which all community members have the ability to vote for the exchange they wish to see TRDT on next! If you still wish to vote, you may do so via this link:

We are excited to announce our next airdrop! The Signup for Airdrop 4 will be unlocked on Monday, April 9th. Our goal for this airdrop is quite simple; get TRDT into the hands of as many individuals as possible. We will work extremely hard, day and night, on promotion during this time to include as many entrants as possible and further create the largest community of crypto enthusiasts as possible that will then have the means to engage in the Trident Group product upon its release! As of now, each entrant will receive 40 TRDT, and there will not be a TRDT prerequisite to join. The only requirements for entry are as follows:

· You must be a member of our Telegram group(s): &

· You must follow our Twitter: @TrustTheTrident

· You must retweet our Airdrop 4 Tweet: Link will be provided upon activation of the airdrop

· You must sign up for our weekly Newsletter.

Reminder: Signup will open on April 9th.

Last, but not least, we will begin our Weekly Trident Bounty Contest this week. To be eligible for ANY weekly contest, you MUST be a member of our Telegram community. This week’s competition is simple. Tweet about Trident Group, including @TrustTheTrident in your tweet, and you’re eligible to win! We will pick 5 winners each day based on the interest level of your tweet for the remaining 5 days of this week. Starting today, April 3rd, each winner will receive 100 TRDT. #TRIDENT

Note: There will be a Holders’ Bounty, as promised, during a near future weekly contest.

(Most likely Week 4 or 5)


The Trident Group Team