Methodology Behind The Madness

Trident Group is a project established on one crucial aspect, transparency. It was our goal from the start to keep you guys, our community, in the loop at all times spanning multiple media outlets. As such, we have received overwhelming support from you all and we truly thank you for that and hope to establish a reputable, useful, and overall successful project for you all to benefit from. That being said, some of you may wonder why exactly we have chosen to opt out of performing an ICO and instead distribute tokens free of charge via the on-going airdrops as well as the Christmas bounty campaign.

It seems that ICOs nowadays are popping up out of nowhere. Prior to establishing Trident Group, the team studied what was being done by many other projects and why most were failing and/or had never lived up to expectations. Every single one of the projects we looked in to, that seemed "good" on paper, lacked in various other departments. Most notably, however, was the overpriced distribution protocol, i.e. the "ICO". Throwing money at projects with zero grounds for true use-factor is an absolute waste, and it creates the wrong beginnings of relationships between projects and their communities. The Trident team decided from the very beginning that its community was the most important entity of the entire project, you guys all mean the absolute world to us and motivate us every day to continue working as hard as we possibly can. Thus, an entirely FREE distribution protocol was the only means of distributing tokens that Trident will EVER undergo. Everyone benefits, everyone's happy. It's a win-win.

Some of you may be asking, "But why did you decide to perform a holiday based distribution protocol, isn't that unprofessional?" Our answer is a flat out "NO". Allow me to explain; The reason we chose to take this approach towards our token distribution was quite simple really. We wanted to share the holiday season with our community. This campaign allows us to do so as well as have a bit of fun and get to know you all in the process! However, when the campaign/distribution end we will progress forward with the roadmap and begin development on various technical aspects of the project initially, and the rest thereafter. Things will be VERY professional, concise, and further efficient upon the completion of token distribution. We look forward to growing and evolving as a project with you all! 

Warm regards,

The Trident Team