The results are in! All winners are listed below.

Prize #1, 1000 TRDT: #232, Inkarias

Prize #2, 750 TRDT: #65, Rulez

Prize #3, 500 TRDT: #2, ViKsIiI

Prize #4, 300 TRDT: #222, BitcoinPrincess

Prize #5, 200 TRDT: #53, kengjm

The following names are winners 6-50, each of which will receive 100 TRDT.

rupesh2, HBinh, Diodx, colorizzle, Freedomab, hamade6, emcrypto, leahlei1988, koolkheart, KendrickLim, geniuxyz, yongt,  LibertBrown, wattpadwritter, Paponlibarnes, liusag, joell_1968, onetails, Olawaledex, lordfrankkie, JammieMegoh, phadype, Nailsai, cryptonescy, etherium_24, CarloMands, mysally,sysybobo, kozeema, ICOnomix, hauwidee, akashark, Rockstarr0101, oikaz, TjMacrey, ceevengeline,   hanna8168, slimdude, iancortis, Favourno , cbob1911, yuvox, tae867, goyald2801


Thank you to everyone who participated, and CONgratulations to all the winners!


- The Trident Group Team



To celebrate our listing on CoinExchange, we are holding a Trident Lottery! The rules are simple:


  1. Follow our Twitter @TrustTheTrident and retweet the Trident Lottery announcement Tweet. 

  2. Hold at least 100 TRDT.

  3. Fill out the sign-up form linked below with your telegram name, twitter, personal wallet address, and a link to your Etherscan wallet showing at least 100 TRDT.


The first 250 individuals to sign up with eligibility will be entered into a drawing. We will draw 50 winners randomly with no repeats. The winnings are as follows:


1st:  1000 TRDT

2nd: 750 TRDT

3rd:  500 TRDT

4th:  300 TRDT

5th:  200 TRDT

6th-50th: Each winner will receive 100 TRDT


Trident Lottery Sign-up Form:

This form WILL be monitored for eligibility at all times.


Note: Repeat winners from the 25 Days of a Trident Christmas will be awarded with additional entries equal to the number of additional bounties they won.