Weekly Bounties!

We are officially launching our new Bounty Campaign! Every week, we will hold a different bounty. Prizes will vary based on the difficulty of the bounty. Each week's bounty information will be released first in our Weekly Updates Newsletter through our medium: 


Weekly Bounty #2

Week 2 of our Weekly Trident Bounty Contest is as follows.

1. Post about the newly released Trident Group Whitepaper in as many different social media platforms as possible (various Telegram groups, Twitter, Facebook groups etc.)

2. Screenshot each post as a form of proof of post

3. Send all screenshots to tridenthugh@yahoo.com

The 25 participants with the most amount of posts by the end of the week will receive 200 TRDT each!

Good luck!

- The Trident Group Team

Weekly Bounty #1

Week 1 of our Weekly Trident Bounty Contest is simple.

1. Follow our Twitter @TrustTheTrident

2. Compose a Tweet about Trident Group

3. Include "@TrustTheTrident" 

That's it! We will hand-pick the 5 best Tweets each day for the rest of this week. Each winner will receive 100 TRDT! Saturday, April 7th, will be the last day of Bounty #1. Bounty #2 will open on Wednesday, May 2nd with all new objectives and prizes.

Good luck!

- The Trident Group Team

Day 1 Winners: @Leksean, @doritnm, @TokenICOcoin, @w1336112 

Day 2 Winners: @NegymaSparrow, @Jaylukmann, @vikiolah, @Rab_Edwards, @olojesamuel

Day 3 Winners: @iamfadacris, @chiliua, @funshola, @Nwachuk53451537, @beebeehem1

Day 4 Winners: @olawaledex, @Adekolaseyi, @syrulhawlers, @WheengSC,@IamJohnSherwin

Day 5 Winners: @swagareligion, @errol_coutinho, @edrishsweet, @YrVillagePpl, @Almaroof325


Our first Weekly bounty contest has concluded

Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!

Note: Distribution will begin Tomorrow, Monday, April 9th.